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Shades of Blue

Photo by Katrina Burgoyne Don’t try to pigeon-hole Kristy Cox into one set category of music. The bluegrass artist/songwriter from the Land Down Under has a colorful singing voice that can cover traditional to contemporary to country. Born in Adelaide (capital city, 800,000 people), Australia, Cox grew up in a nearby mountainous country town of… Read the full article

The Artists

Smith Brothers’

Impact on the Bluegrass Industry The brothers grew up in north central North Carolina near the site of the state’s first bluegrass festival, Camp Springs. They played at the first bluegrass festivals in Fincastle, VA, and appeared on Arthur Smith’s TV Show in Charlotte.  Terry elaborated, “We played as the Smith family. At Fincastle, I… Read the full article


From The Archives

Joe Meadows—Mountain State Fiddler

Reprinted from Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine October 1978, Volume 13, Number 4 Numerous fiddlers have made notable contributions to bluegrass music. Joe Meadows ranks among the more prominent, particularly during the decades of the fifties and the seventies. In between Joe took a long vacation from music but during his two active periods he established himself… Read the full article