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Morgan Brake  Releases Debut EP

Stuck Loving You How are young actors in Hollywood different from young musicians in bluegrass? While the answers are many, one big difference is that child actors often end up on those “Where Are They Now?” specials, often showing their mugs shots for breaking and entering; young bluegrass musicians tend to turn into adult bluegrass… Read the full article

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Donna Hughes

Pushing Piles of Words Together Photo by Chasity Chen In the Present The singer/songwriter shared, “Some of the most impactful moments in my life included having people walk up to me after a set, with tears streaming down their faces, as they recounted the death of a loved one that I made them think about… Read the full article


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Rudy Lyle—Classic Bluegrass Banjo Man

Reprinted from Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine April 1985, Volume 19, Number 10 In any conversation about the great musicians in the formative years of bluegrass music one name always comes up, Rudy Lyle. Rudy played the banjo on many of the classic Bill Monroe recordings including “Rawhide,” “On & On,” “Sugar Coated Love,” and probably his… Read the full article