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Abbie  Gardner

DobroSinger Photo by Neale Eckstein You may think that DobroSinger must be a typo, however rest assured it is not.  Not only is it the title of Abbie Gardner’s new release, but it also serves as an excellent description of the style she has carved out for herself.  Dobro is an instrument that is largely… Read the full article

The Artists

From the Bluegrass  Cardinals to Carolina Road

Photo by Laura Ridge On the cover of the May 1976 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited there appears a group of unknown bluegrass musicians along with the words “Bluegrass Cardinals.”  The title of that cover story, written by Frank Godbey, was “Who in the World are the Bluegrass Cardinals?”  The world would soon find out. The… Read the full article


From The Archives

Charlie Monroe

Reprinted from Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine October 1975, Volume 10, Number 4 For the last four decades the name of Charles Pendleton Monroe has ranked high on the list of those who have made important contributions to old-time, traditional, country music. First, as a member of the famous Monroe Brothers duet; and second, as a vocalist… Read the full article