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Rising Star

This past year has been devastating for the music industry so it is welcoming when something positive emerges. With dreams of a bright future, Jake Goforth, a 14-year-old musical prodigy from central NC, is a beacon of hope. Jake’s musical journey began at age 7 when he petitioned his parents to take guitar lessons.  “Mom and Dad had CDs… Read the full article

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Missouri Mandolin Master

Photos By Caty Smith If you’ve spent time around bluegrass festival jam sessions you may recall hearing someone in the jam who is as good as anyone that you’ve ever heard play and wonder, “Wow, who is this?”  There are many such local and regional bluegrass pickers and singers who are extremely talented but have… Read the full article


From The Archives

Cliff Walden and the New Shades of Grass

Reprinted from Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine April 1971, Volume 5, Number 10 Providing a strong lead voice and a rhythm guitar, Cliff Waldron maintains the position of front man. Handling bookings, M. C. work and any other business of the group. Cliff, a barber by trade, has achieved at 29 a driving manner of singing. His… Read the full article