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   After Jack is a trio of young ladies from the Virginia/North Carolina/Tennessee area and this is a mostly original project showing their strong influences of old-time, bluegrass, and Americana music. The trio is Mary Allison (guitar and percussion), Emily Blankenship (bass), and Rachel Blankenship (banjo, mandolin, and percussion). Also appearing is Ruth Trochim (drums and djembe), Cathrine Conner (mandolin), Aaron Ramsey (mandolin, bass, and guitar), and Josh Shilling (keyboards). Aaron Ramsey also produced.

Their well-crafted original material features songs written by Mary Allison and Emily Blankenship and include “Use My Hands For Love,” the title-cut “Echo,” “Too Far Gone,” “Can’t Sing A Sad Song,” “I’m Almost Home,” and “For Jerryanne.” Other selections include David Mantz’s “Henry Lee,” Squire Parsons’ “Beulah Land,” and the traditional “Lil’ Liza Jane.” Shilling’s Hammond B3 and other keyboards are prevalent on many of the selections and are tastefully blended, as is the percussion. The three ladies share lead vocals and their harmonies are pleasant. Instrumentally, the arrangements allow each member the room to shine as each are good players as well as singers. While there is little bluegrass here, listeners should find this project an overall pleasing experience. (

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