Art Of Acoustics

The New Acoustic Collective is a young string band based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Led by band leader and composer Jason Keiser (guitar), the group includes co-leader Alonso Sanchez (double bass), David Boyden (fiddle), Rodrigo Ruiz (double bass), and Nathaniel Grohmann (cello). The group cites their influences to include David Grisman’s Dawg compositions, Tony Rice’s SpaceGrass, and other new acoustic artists, but they are also able to cover a myriad of styles from jazz, bluegrass, flamenco, traditional string band, to classical. 

This talented young group really extends their boundaries of acoustic string band music with selections like “Back In California”, “Key Signator”, “Grapejelly”, “Jazzology”, and “Transcale”. There is also a sort of tribute to Jerry Douglas in “For Flux”, and Wyatt Rice is featured on “Old Grey Coat”. Fans of New Acoustic music will enjoy this new project as the group covers many styles of the genre.

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