Barcelona Bluegrass Band – Old Time Blues

Barcelona Bluegrass Band - Old Time Blues - Bluegrass UnlimitedBARCELONA BLUEGRASS BAND
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Bluegrass tag teams with blues, jazz, and Celtic music on this all-acoustic CD from the Spanish based band. What a stunning instrumental tour de force from founding musicians Lluis Gomez (five-string banjo) and Joan Pau Cumellas (harmonica), along with additional members, Miguel Talavera (guitar/mandolin/resonator guitar) and Maribel Rivero (upright bass). The group is dedicated to maintaining the traditional sounds of Appalachian music while enhancing the classic with flavorings from other genres. You’ll especially want to check out a couple of cuts where the band collaborates with banjo great, Tony Trischka (Manga el banjo and Trio!).

BBB puts its unique spin on “Wabash Cannonball” while diving into new territory with band originals such as “Malvado Rocker,” “Pas a Pas,” “Tree O House,” and the title cut. Joan Pau’s sizzling display on harmonica breaks all preconceived boundaries placed on the instrument while Gomez’s mastery of the five-string keeps the tempo thundering throughout the 11 tracks. This is the group’s follow-up CD to its self-titled debut. If you missed the first release, be sure to check out their second effort. This low-tech acoustic delight is a must have. ( BC

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