Mountain Fever

This new project from Breaking Grass (their fourth), features the excellent songwriting of guitarist Cody Farrar. Other members in the band include Tyler White (fiddle), Zach Wooten (mandolin), Britt Sheffield (bass), and Jody Elmore (banjo). Based in Mississippi, they have gone from a local venture to becoming a nationally-known touring band, gaining lots of radio airplay, and steadily increasing their fan base. All songs on this project were written by Farrar and arranged by the band. His songs seem to have a bit of a dark theme to them—disappearances (“Nobody Knows”), murder (“The One She Adored”), cheating (“House Of Cards”)—along with “Warning Signs” and “Annie.” There is also the country-tinged “Waking Up With You,” the sassy “Short Shorts,” and the hopeful “Stay.” The band expertly backs the songs with solid instrumentals and close harmony. The arrangements span from solid bluegrass to Jazz to country, along with influences from rock and blues. This project shows Breaking Grass has a solid base with lots more growth ahead. (


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