Mountain Fever

This new project from Mississippi’s Breaking Grass features the songwriting of guitarist Cody Farrar. He’s joined by band members Britt Sheffield (bass), Jody Elmore (banjo, guitar), Tyler White (fiddle), and Zach Wooten (mandolin). Many of Farrar’s songs have a dark theme, and the album’s cover gives an idea of what’s to come. It shows a couple, standing far apart, both staring out a window at the leafless trees and gray background.

“Heart Of My Love” starts it all off with a song about hurt and how she knows how to do me wrong. The title-track “Cold” is about love gone cold, and the evil “Lazrus Bell” tells of how the women curse your name. “Can’t Take Back A Bullet” kind of explains itself, and “Do Your Worst” with Alecia Nugent really takes it to a serious point. “Whiskey Or Me” is about the obvious choice, and “Old Pharr Mounds” has unnatural things. “The Truth” has a twist in the ending, and the band includes a cover of Restless Heart’s “Bluest Eyes In Texas.” This is a good project with some very interesting material. The playing and production are tight, and the harmony vocals complement the shared lead singing. A nice new effort from Breaking Grass. (Mountain Fever, 1177 Alum Ridge Rd. NW, Willis, VA 24380

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