Blue Road Records

Cindy G’s (last name Giedja) new CD offers ten original songs and two covers, one of them a fairly standard but nicely-done version of “Sitting On Top Of The World” and one a slow, Southern Rock take on “Ruby, Are You Mad,” which gives a new slant on the lyrics and is one of the album’s highlights. Backing her is an octet of bluegrass stars: Rob Ickes, Sam Bush, Scott Vestal, Todd Phillips, Jim VanCleve, Bryan Sutton, Aaron Ramsey, and Seth Taylor. Right there, you know the music is going to be expertly rendered. So, what this comes down to is Cindy G’s performance and the quality of her originals. Of her performance, there can be little doubt. Her vocals have an impact and the timbre, tone, and delivery are very good.

That leaves her originals and their quality and, largely, they’re very good as well. Those few that come in a bit shy have strong lyrics, but weaker melodies (and as a result sound similar). They’re still good songs, just less distinguished. The title song, with its hard-hitting rush about escaping a love gone bad with a “Jailbreak,” is a standout. Sam Bush gives that one a propulsive drive in rhythm and break. Similarly fast and powerful is the deceit/murder/suicide tale of “Wilds Of Wise County.” In a different style reminiscent of female singer-songwriters of the 1970s is “Kiss Me,” a melodic and slightly funky love tune. That’s balanced by “Living Picture,” a maudlin retelling of the Mather Mine disaster of 1928, a song on which Ickes shines. As a follow-up to her other work, this is a solid effort full of good songs and performances. (

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