Cold Mountain Top

Georgia-based John White is an accomplished banjo player as well as a student of the instrument’s history. In the past, he’s recorded with gourd banjos, fretless banjos and Victorian banjos.

On this solid collection of original songs, White has teamed up with some front-line pickers: Tim Crouch on fiddle, Tony Wray on guitar, Randy Kohrs on dobro and Tina Morgan on vocals.

White’s songs offer provocative takes on timeless bluegrass themes. The vivid imagery of “Sawmill Boy” evokes precious childhood memories. “Linger” is the lament of a footloose and lonely man unable to put down roots.

“Stubbs Veneer” is a rousing breakdown while “Every Day’s A Good Day” is an inspirational shot in the arm. The haunting title tune is also a standout.

White possessed a husky, rustic singing voice that gives an extra edge of credibility to these 10 inspired tracks.

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