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Covered Grass has become one of the most popular bluegrass ensembles in Germany, and Europe in general. The band had a very successful U.S. tour in 2012 when they showcased at the IBMA World Of Bluegrass in Nashville, Tenn. The group consists of Corina Aurin (mandolin), Volker Fisher (banjo, resonator guitar), Felix Eichert (guitar), Joon Laukamp (fiddle, mandolin), and Carsten Manz (bass).

The project is a collection of original material written by Fisher and Aurin and contains some wonderful melodies and harmonies. Songs include “A Bird Called Love,” “There’s Life In Outer Space,” the title cut “Toogaroo,” “Rainy Sunday,” “Knock On My Window,” and “Granny’s Apron,” a nice tune about growing up. “Goodnight John Boy” is written about the TV show The Waltons. “Greyhound” instrumentally showcases Fisher’s banjo originality and Laukamp’s fiddle skills. “The Fiddle” is the story of the life of the instrument from its own perspective. Other selections are “Have You Ever…?,” “Captain Thomas,” and “Stormy.”

Corina Aurin performs most of the lead vocals, with Fisher and Laukamp providing tight harmonies. Instrumentally, the band is very accomplished and shows how bluegrass music has taken a strong hold in Europe and other parts of the world outside of its Appalachian roots. This is a very enjoyable project and a real nice follow-up to their debut project, Discovered, from 2011. (Covered Grass, Holzer Weg 6, Engelskirchen, Germany,



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