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Cox’s Army was founded in 2016 by Charles “Cousin Chuck” Cox who sings lead and plays guitar on all of these original tunes from Cox himself. He’s joined by Jack Campbell on bass, Laird Patten on banjo, and Jeff Burke on mandolin. Guest artists include Dan Andree and Colby Maddox, both on fiddle. The band is based in Chicago, Ill., and perform throughout the region. They have a traditional sound and approach to their music and stick pretty close to the basics. The included booklet in the package contains little about the band, but lists the song information along with not only the words, but also the capo position, key, and the song’s progression (i.e., I, IV, V, etc.). For the one instrumental, the booklet also includes the score written out in notation.

Selections include the instrumental “Big Spoon, Little Spoon,” along with “The Queen Bee,” “Leather, Wood, And Nails,” “The Porcupine,” the cute “Sleeping In The Car,” “A Bright Perfect Fire,” and the title-cut “New Richmond Town.” This is the second recording for this Midwest group and a great platform to feature Cox’s songs. (

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