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With a number of IBMA awards to their credit since 2008, Dailey & Vincent must be regarded as one of the premiere bluegrass bands to emerge in the last decade. Alive! In Concert is their first live recording, and their third release through the Cracker Barrel exclusive music program.

The music here is very well done, with the usual fine vocal work from Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent. It’s also primarily country with a few gospel and bluegrass tunes sprinkled into the mix. Four cuts are labeled “with orchestra” (which means the full orchestra), but almost all cuts include drums, lots of sweetening with string sections and/or keyboards, and are very much on the “highly produced” (or “slick,” if you will) end of the scale.

For some reason, no individual instrument credits are given (although everyone is thanked profusely in the three and a half pages of credits/thanks, including the assistant ticket office supervisor and all three lead ticket sellers), but the band officially includes B.J. and Molly Cherryholmes, Jeff Parker, Christian Davis, Seth Taylor, Bob Mummert, Jessie Baker, Buddy Hyatt, and Mark Fair. Helping out are the George Mason University Student Orchestra, the Manassas Chorale, the Combined University Choruses, and the Gainesville Community Chorus. The recording is live, from the George Mason University campus in Manassas, Va.

Songs include “We’re All Here To Learn” (co-written by Dailey), “Till They Came Home,” and the Statler Brothers’ “O Baby Mine” and “Atlanta Blue,” all with full orchestra backing. Jamie Dailey also helped write “Simple Man,” “Mississippi River,” and “American Pride.” “Elizabeth” and “I Believe” are also from the Statlers’ repertoire. Karen Staley contributes “I’ll Leave My Heart In Tennessee” and Lucy Matthews wrote the rousing gospel number “Oh What A Time.” The one instrumental is the Cherryholmes’ composition “Nine Yards.” This is very nice music, well performed. Just be aware it is not, by and large, anywhere close to bluegrass, or you may be surprised by what you hear. (Cracker Barrel, P.O. Box 787, Lebanon, TN 37088, www.crackerbarrel.com.)AW

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