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   David White is one of those people you love to hate. Already blessed with the brilliant mind to be a pediatrician, the Texas-native is also an extremely talented singer/songwriter. On his debut album Long Roots, White’s storytelling and relaxing baritone voice take center stage with a few ace pickers providing impeccable accompaniment in the wings. Jerry Douglas (resonator guitar), Chris Thile (mandolin), Bryan Sutton (guitar and banjo), and Stuart Duncan (fiddle) along with Dan Tyminski (harmony vocals) are the musicians most recognizable to bluegrass fans.

While White plays a wide range of tunes from the musical spectrum, the only true bluegrass cut is “Smoking Gun” about a woman seeking revenge on her cheating husband. Smooth black and shiny/Well she fumbles with the pistol in her hand/Rage wells up inside her/As she stares down at her wedding band/And she’s burning like a fire/She can’t take it anymore/She loads her only bullet/And then rushes through the door. The remaining songs on the CD are beyond bluegrass, but, regardless of the genre, each well-crafted song is delivered with such gifted finesse that you’ll want to keep it in steady rotation. (www.davidwhitemusic.com)BC

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