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The album cover of Party For Onetells all about the Feinberg Brothers. Rourke and Patrick Feinberg are featured with instruments in hand, along with big, bluegrass grins. The cover is a simple, black and white image with black text. The brothers are dressed in suits and ties. The back cover features the rest of the five-man group on a white studio background. It’s clean, classy, and traditional to its core.

The picking and the vocals are clean and professional and should leave those who worry that old-school bluegrass is getting pushed to the side feel a little better. Helping drive that sound is the wonderful picking of banjo player Terry McGill. He’s joined by bass player Pete Elegant, and the boys’ father, Ron, plays rhythm guitar.

The album features several tunes penned by the band: “Party For One,” “Long Gone Leaving,” and “That’s Just Lonesome” (Elegant) and “A Couple Beers More” (Ron). A real treat not to be missed is the original instrumental by McGill, “The Angry Wife,” a tune whose irony is not lost on banjo players or fans. Throw in the liner note introduction from Grand Ole Opryarchivist Jen Larson, and Party For Oneadds up to a fine release. (www.feinbergbrothers.com)MKB

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