Goin’ Home Comin On’

This young, award-winning fiddler and long-time bandmate of Darin and Brooke Aldridge makes a confident and impressive solo debut with this fine outing.  Arrowhead, who was once a featured musician in the IBMA’s annual Kids on Bluegrass program, also proves to be an accomplished singer and songwriter with wisdom and artistry beyond her years.

You can hear her rousing, soulful fiddle expertise on her original “Double Sunset” and on a cover of Kenny Baker’s “Ducks On A Millpond.”  Lovely ballads like “Letting Go Now,” “I’m Still Broken” and “Dancing In the Rain” convey a boat-load of romantic insight and tender emotion. Her intense faith shines through on several fascinating and unique gospel/inspiration numbers: “Jesus Drive The Train” (cowritten with Becky Buller), “God Made The Country” and the remarkable “You Are Mine.” Her original “Dear Juliana” is a heart-melting expression of a mother’s love for her growing daughter.

Somewhat on the lighter side, “My Kind Of Night Life” is a breezy celebration of life in the rural slow lane and features some super-cool fiddle fills. The irresistible title tune speaks to escaping from the impersonal turmoil of the city and finding spiritual renewal in your country roots.

All in all, the artistry and mature emotional terrain of Goin’ Home Comin’ feels like a solid cornerstone for a promising future.

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