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George Jackson is a New Zealand native who now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up hearing bluegrass music and started learning fiddle at an early age. He moved to Australia at 16 and soon became the three-time Australian National Bluegrass Fiddle Champion.      

Now residing in Nashville since 2016, he has established himself as a popular sideman and has played with folks such as Peter Rowan, Front Country, Missy Raines, and others. He also created a virtual tune “Dorrigo,” which became an on-line sensation with many, many people learning and playing the tune on the internet.      

On this new project of fiddle-banjo duets, he is joined by well-known banjo players to include Wes Corbett, Brad Kolodner, Jake Blount, Joe Overton, Frank Evans, young Uma Peters, and fellow New Zealander Catherine (BB) Bowness. Jackson composed many of the compositions which includes “Neighbor Mike” with Brad Kolodner, “Prosser” with BB Bowness, “Turtle Rock” with Uma Peters, “Lockdown” with Joe Overton, “Food, Coffee & Kisses” with Corbett, “Chicago Tune” with Frank Evans, and “Town’s End” with Jake Blount.

Other selections include BB Bowness’ “Bits of Banjos,” Judy Hyman’s “Three Shoes” with Blount, and a number of traditional fiddle tune like “Mississippi Sawyer” with Wes Corbett, “Ida Red” with Kolodner, “Peter Francisco” with Joe Overton, “Frankie” with Evans, and “Smoky Hole” with Peters. The songs are well executed with the fiddle and banjo swapping leads. This is a really nice collection of this combination of instrumentation.

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