Make Each Second Last

Bluegrass veteran Chris Jones has an incredibly appealing voice. It conveys soulfulness, dignity and integrity. It’s a voice you can trust as he shares his exquisitely crafted and deeply felt original songs with us.

Many of Jones’s songs approach age-old themes from fresh and slightly elliptical angles, and they’re often tinged with a sense of mystery. Tracks like the urgent “We Needed This Ride,” the introspective “Leave It At The Gate” and the slightly ominous “Everybody’s Got A Line” tend to leave listeners guessing about what exactly is going on, which ultimately makes them even more intriguing.

Somewhat more straightforward, but no less engaging, are a pair of dazzling travelogues: “Silver City” and “Riding The Chief.” “Quiet Click” is a sorrowful commentary about how cruel and impersonal our interactions can become in the digital era of communication technology. “They’re Lost Too” is a provocative commentary on an often-overlooked dimension of faith, while “Groundhog’s Retreat” is a celebratory instrumental.

Jones is also an accomplished guitarist, and the other three Night Drivers keep right up with him every step of the way with their flawless and tastefully understated picking and super-tight harmonies.

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