Mules & Men

Roscommon County Line

Mules & Men is an Irish four-piece string band from Dublin whose members are Lily Sheehan (guitar, vocals), Luke Coffey (banjo, vocals), Patrick “Paahto” Cummins (mandolin, vocals), and Niall Hughes (bass, vocals). 

The band is known for their acid-Celtgrass approach to the music which is described as a shake-up of some of the more traditional and conservative Bluegrass norms. As such, the group uses a kind of Rock and Celtic direction with fast paced banjo-centric arrangements in backing their harmonies and overall delivery, however, the band also professes their influences from Monroe, Scruggs and the Stanley’s. 

All of the band members collaborate in the songwriting and production. The title cut “Roscommon County Line”, starts with a slow harmony introduction before kicking off into its fast arrangement. Other up-beat cuts include “Cork,” “Castlerea Prison” with Sheehan’s lead vocal, and “John Keavney,” the band’s latest single. There are also some instrumentals featuring the group’s individual players, including “Chilly Hollow” with Cummins’ mandolin, “Caisie’s Light” with Sheehan’s guitar, and “Disco” which includes Ronnie McCoury’s “Noppit Hill Breakdown.” Sheehan is featured on guitar and lead vocal on the slower-paced “Business,” and she is also the featured lead vocal on “Rust.”

This is the band’s second recorded outing as they have toured all over Ireland and have played abroad at festivals, country pubs, clubs, and other venues. They are a tight and entertaining group and are an interesting welcome to our international bluegrass community. 


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