Murmurations Vol 2

This group from the Colorado/Wyoming area is Alex Paul (guitar, mandolin), Eric Shedd (bass, guitar, mandolin), Jack Tolan (guitar, mandolin), and Anneke Dean (violin). This project is a follow-up to their Murmuration Vol 1 released in September 2021. The group collaborates on all the material and they state their mission to “…to making this world a kinder, gentler, more loving place.” 

This is a nice acoustic quartet where all the members sing and three of them play both guitar and mandolin at different times. Each of the guys take turns singing the lead while others in the group create the harmonies. The songs cover the usual life circumstances and relationships with their own twists and turns. The selections include “Tarab,” “One Foot Our The Door,” “I’ll Be Good,” “As She Sees It,” and “Turn it To Gold.” There is also “Sandhill Cranes” and “Clumsy Dreamer.” Overall, the Birds of Play have produced a pleasant musical environment and that gives one a good listening experience. 

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