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Nate Lee goes on his first solo flight with Wings Of A Jetliner. Produced by fellow Becky Buller Band member Professor Dan Boner, Lee’s debut showcases what the 2015 IBMA Momentum Award-winning Instrumentalist Of The Year can do with mandolin, vocals, and composition. Wings Of A Jetliner brings together guest musicians Wyatt Rice, Todd Phillips, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Thomas Cassell, Daniel Salyer, and fellow members of the BBB. Bandleader Becky Buller contributes her fiddle and vocal skills on four of the cuts.

Lee wrote the CD’s five instrumentals including “Quick Select,” a light-hearted piece that was inspired by his favorite video game called Ratchet & Clank. Named after his favorite finishing move in the game of chess, “Rook Roller” provides a traditional touch from a riff Lee created while on his couch. Lee, who also plays fiddle, puts a dance-hall spin on “The More I Pour,” a honky-tonk song Tim Stafford and Mark Bumgarner penned, featuring triple fiddles.

Nate shows his versatility again when he pulls out the clawhammer banjo for “Miner’s Grave,” a dark tale of a moonshiner’s tragic life. Bandmate Salyer wrote “Tobacco,” a driving track that BBB backs Lee on about the Black Patch Tobacco Wars of the early twentieth century in western Kentucky and Tennessee. (

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