Clemment Luberecki Music
CLM 0317

   The ever quixotic Mr. Luberecki has produced an engaging outing here that will take the listener on a romp through a wide range of material with an extensive cast of musical partners. There are interesting and engaging banjo and fiddle duets with Becky Buller, hard-driving bluegrass with Chris Jones & the Night Drivers, jams with session artists, and nods to jazz with the title-cut “Blue Monk” and “The Girl From Ipanema.” Then there’s mainstream bluegrass with Amanda Smith’s fine vocals on “We’ll Put Out The Fire” and Dale Ann Bradley ripping through “Higher Ground.”

The titles don’t always reveal all of the joy laying to be discovered on each track. “B-Flat Medley” featuring David Grier’s guitar, Mike Compton’s mandolin, Shad Cobb’s fiddle, and Missy Raines’ bass is a romp through some of the more challenging tunes in the bluegrass catalog. The “Kitchen Squirrel Medley” is one of those banjo-fiddle duets mentioned earlier with Ms. Buller.

If you are starting to get the feeling that this project is all over the place, it is. Please note that the last two cuts consist of a medley of Buck Owens songs and the “Star Trek Theme.” True to form, we are treated to a seemingly harum-scarum group of pieces that work together better than one might imagine. That Mr. Luberecki is a force of nature should not be a question. His wit and wisdom are expressed in these tracks. Here we get to see the wide range of this man’s mind and his vision of where the banjo belongs today. Kudos to a fine effort. This is essential listening for fans of banjo. (

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