Old-Timeless Conversations

(Exploring And Celebrating Traditional Music)

Chris Silver plays fiddle, mandolin, and guitar while Craig Evans plays frailing banjo. Together they are supported by Chris’ son Ari Silver on bass. Both are veteran Upper-Midwest musicians, Silver from Wisconsin and Evans from Minnesota. They each have extensive performing and touring experience in the U.S. and abroad. They both have studied the traditions of old-time music, how it is played, and how it sounds. 

This new project combines the results of their explorations and includes a number of known and lesser-known songs from the traditional songbooks they encountered. Listeners will recognize tunes like “The Train That Carried My Girl From Town”, “Jack Of Diamonds”, and “Flop-Eared Mule”, while the more unfamiliar selections include “Chinquapin Hunting,” “Cowboy Waltz,” “Hell Broke Loose In Georgia,” “Kitchen Gal,” “Greasy Coat,” “March To The Kinni,” and “Old Blair Store.”

Chris Silver plays most of the instruments with Evan’s accompaniment on banjo. Chris Silver also sings most of the leads with the exception of his son Ari who sings on “The Train That Carried….”.  As with old-timey traditional songs, the selections include a lot of unison playing between Evan’s banjo and Silver’s fiddle. There also is a 12-page booklet available on-line from their web site which contains the conversations between Silver and Evans on how they got together to create this project and also includes descriptions of each of the songs they chose to record. Old-Timey fans will really enjoy this new project and perhaps it will find a few more new ones. 



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