Restless Wanderer

Restless Wanderer is R. Wesley Carr’s first full-length project. Carr is the 2019 winner Winfield, Kansas’ National Mandolin Championship and the title song won the New Song songwriting contest. Carr studied classical music at Northern Illinois University and is a graduate of East Tennessee State’s music program. This collection is a mix of originals and covers where Carr (vocals) plays mandolin, bass, guitar and banjo, Clint Morgan (vocals) plays guitar, Danny Lopatka plays bass, and Ben Bateson plays banjo. Guests are Greg Cahill (banjo), Becky Buller (fiddle), and Cristal Carr (vocals). Carr’s originals include the instrumentals “Are You Loved?” and “Indiana Fisher.” Other of his tunes include the title “Restless Wanderer”, as well as “Half A Mind,” “Today,” and “Cold And Uncaring.” Covers include the Ella Fitzgerald standard “Cry Me A River” where Crystal Carr sings the lead, and there is Ray LeMontagne’s “Such A Simple Thing,” and an old Jazz standard “Move,” where everyone gets to cut loose. The band and guests provide great arrangements around Carr’s mandolin and he has turned these various styles into some great bluegrass. This is enjoyable first effort for Wesley Carr.

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