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Rex Wiseman is a multi-instrumentalist and current member of the Oak Ridge Boys. He plays fiddle, pedal steel, mandolin, and guitar. However, on this new solo project, he sticks to guitar, bringing in an excellent cadre of musicians, and singers. He is joined by Sammy Shelor (banjo), Jason Moore (bass), Mike Shrimpf (organ), Matt DeSpain (resonator guitar), Jim VanCleve (fiddle), Aaron Ramsey (mandolin), and Scott Coney (guitar). He is backed vocally by guests Netha Larsen, the Oak Ridge Boys, Jimmy Fortune, Rhonda Vincent, Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent.

He’s lived in Nashville since 1980 and joined The Oaks in 2006, where his multiple talents have become part of their touring organization. This project is something Wiseman always wanted to do. The song selections cover a wide variety, including gospel, bluegrass, country, poignant ballads, and a recitation. Wiseman even contributes one of his own, “Help Me To Be More Like Him.”

He kicks off the CD with a George Jones classic “I’m Ragged But I’m Right,” followed by Wilber Jones’ “Put My Little Shoes Away.” He’s joined by the Oak Ridge Boys on “Old Camp Meeting Time.” He duets with Rhonda Vincent on “A Love That Never Died” and Dailey & Vincent join him on the Carl Jackson classic “Little Mountain Church.” There is a beautiful tribute to veterans in “Welcome Home Soldier” with Jimmy Fortune and a wonderful recitation of Jim Wilson’s “Farmer And The Lord.” Other selections include “You Gotta Swim,” “The Grandpa That I Know,” “Back To Dixie,” and “Still.” Wiseman has a nice strong voice, and this album brings him to a new place in his musical journey. (

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