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Rick Ednie was busy in the studio in 2015. A singer/songwriter and an accomplished guitarist from Santa Cruz, Cal., he recorded two albums that year. This is the second one and consists of eight original songs and one original instrumental, all underpinned by a fairly traditional style of bluegrass, though interspersed with interesting, ear-catching twists. A good example is the way he stretches the words in the chorus of the title tune, “White Turtle Dove,” juxtaposing them at half speed over a fast-moving backing, creating a half-time effect. Another example would be his use of a 3/4 time introduction on “Long Journey Home,” which he then slows to a halt and shifts to a fast 4/4 the rest of the way. Ednie’s guitar solo on the latter is very clean and tuneful and deserves noting.

Both of those songs rank well here, but there are several others a step up. “Cabin By The Creek” is arranged in such a light, melodic way that the sinister nature of the story creeps up on you. I also enjoyed the guitar instrumental “Close Encounter.” The true highlight, however, is “Broken Eyes.” It is the best one sung and arranged, and Ednie makes good use of twists, most notably the rising vocal that leads to the chorus. The Spanish feel only adds to the delight.

This album is definitely at its best in the second half, but is overall pleasant throughout. Supporting Ednie well are banjoists Jered Chaney and Jason Lampel, fiddlers Luke Abbott and Liz Smith, resonator guitarist Mike Witcher, mandolinist Bradley Ricter, and bassist Suzanne Suwanda. (Ednie Music, 427 S. Navarra Dr., Scotts Valley, CA 95066, www.rickednie.com.)BW

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