Bonfire Recording Co.

Working from Denver, Colo., Slay has created a new project featuring his unique style. (This follows prior work with Big Virginia Sky and a 2015 release under that name.) Scott displays his writing skills on eight of the thirteen tracks, which also includes one, “Truth Came Out,” co-written with his wife Brittany Slay.

The title-track “The Rail” is also the name of his band. The song is a story about a train trip around the country and makes for a solid bluegrass number, but without the typical cliche train references or sounds. “Atlanta Blues” features guest Josh Shilling on harmony vocals and is the cover name for “Make Me A Pallet.” The number gets a bluesy, bouncy treatment which is refreshing. Freddy Donovan wrote “Green Valley” which describes some scenic vistas and fits well with the train theme of some of the additional numbers. Sierra Hull is featured on “Truth Came Out,” with her stellar vocals and mandolin work. Brandon Rickman is heard on “Rye Whiskey,” featuring a hard-driving traditional bluegrass arrangement.

Additional artists include Mike Munford, Scott Vestal, Sammy Shelor, Mark Schatz, Jim VanCleve, Aaron Ramsey, Steve Lazar, and Dustin Benson. Note Andy Hall’s tasteful resonator guitar contributions on “Railroad Blues.” Other personnel on the project are not identified. (Bonfire Recording Co., 2514 River Rd., Ste. 105, Piedmont, SC 29673,

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