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No Number

Slaughter is a singer-songwriter and a force to be reckoned with—his talents are obvious from the first listen. His band County Clare is reinforced with some serious horsepower by some of the very best pickers and singers found. This fifth project (third solo effort) features nine original songs written or co-written by Slaughter with the help of  several other notable tunesmiths.

There are great story songs here, such as “Stack The Bodies High,” a WWI song about trench warfare, as well as firefighting over a century ago on the “Devil’s Broom.” There are 18 songs on this project. The covers include some strong material from Merle Haggard, Tim Stafford, Ronnie Bowman, and Harley Allen. There are interesting gospel numbers such as “Man He’s Strong.” Shannon’s cover of Haggard’s “Running Kind” shows a different side to his singing. His family also gets in on the fun. His wife Heather sings “Daddy Sang His Life Away” and does a mighty fine job of it. She joins Shannon for a straight-out country duet on “So Were We.” The last four cuts include family members in less formal settings featuring a duet with his mother and songs by his children, including Jed singing “Joy Joy” with his daddy’s help.

This is an album of genuine down-home bluegrass and country with roots that go back through the years. Shannon’s love of his family rivals his love of music and songwriting.  The first 14 cuts are solid bluegrass, the last four cuts are a family snapshot in sound. (

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