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This trio’s The Pedestrian is a quick follow-up to their 2014 debut Trampin’ On. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, Steep Ravine brings another fresh crop of originals to the table with their collective influences of folk, jazz, pop, and funk, along with bluegrass.

Jan Purat brings his bluegrass-style twin-fiddle on the western-style “Shadow Of A Cloud.” Alex Bice (upright bass, drum kit, percussion) keeps the tempo as solid as a metronome with tasteful grooves that keep listeners mesmerized to the song. The ten original tunes are the creation of Simon Linsteadt who also commands an arsenal of instruments—guitars, mandolin, and banjo—to do his muse’s bidding, such as the fingerpicked “Grenadine” that explores fast-paced city life versus peaceful countryside. Be sure to check out “Daylight In A Jail Cell,” about being a prisoner of the road, and the lighthearted tune “Tom Foolery”: Tom Foolery, he says he’s trouble free / So I listen to his lies and poor instructions / He said, Kid, you’ve lost your mind / The girl ain’t worth the time / You’re a magfly to a beam of sweet seduction. Skillful songwriting, smooth vocals by Linsteadt’s unique pipes, and crafty instrumentation make this CD worthy of your collection. (

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