The Brombies – From The Piney Hills (Of Hollywood)

The Brombies - From The Piney Hills (Of Hollywood) - Bluegrass UnlimitedTHE BROMBIES

From the piney hills of Hollywood, Cal., come the Brombies, the name being a variant of the term for Australian wild horses (“brumbies”). The Brombies are made up of the husband and wife team of George and Jo Ellen Doering, Bill Bryson, and Patrick Sauber. This project is a collection of original material from both the Doerings and Bryson, nicely arranged and delivered in a solid bluegrass style, giving each member of the group a chance to be out front. The vocal harmonies are tight and blend into almost one voice. There is lots of good material here for those who desire to add new songs to their repertoire. Give the Brombies a listen. You’ll enjoy what you hear. ( BF

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