The Cockman Family – Dedicated

The Cockman Family - Dedicated - Bluegrass UnlimitedTHE COCKMAN FAMILY
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There is a seemingly endless number of family bluegrass gospel bands, but few have achieved the level of professionalism found here. The Cockman Family has a firm musical base, and they play and sing with skill. They write the majority of their material, and it is all above average for the genre. They incorporate contemporary and swing elements into their music providing it with an urgency that will appeal to a wide range of folks.

Daughter, Caroline Fisher, is an expressive singer and a songwriter of some talent. The brothers hold down the banjo, mandolin, bass, and fiddle roles with skill. Dad plays guitar and the resulting sound is fresh and spirited. If you are looking for some truly great bluegrass gospel, look no further. These folks deliver the goods with a sincere passion and a boatload of talent.(Cockman Family, P.O. Box 63, Sherrills Ford, NC 28673, RCB

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