Trout Steak Revival

The Light We Bring


TS Records
No Number

This is the fifth release from this Colorado-based quintet. They are Bevin Foley (fiddle, violin, viola), Steve Foltz (mandolin, guitar), Casey Houlihan (bass), William Koster (resonator guitar, guitar), and Travis McNamara (banjo, piano, Wurlitzer). The band has produced a musical journey through roots music, independent styles, and folk. To this end, some of the compositions on here include a string ensemble or woodwinds and brass. While subtlety added to the mixes, the addition of these instruments helps expand the sound and flavor of the selections that include “Only A Moment,” “The Heart Wants,” “Home,” and “The Way It Moves.”

Most selections on this project were composed by the band, including “Arrows In The Dark,” “Loretta,” “How To Make Love Stay,” and the instrumental “Johnny’s Dirge.” The only cut not from the band themselves is “Through The Pines,” written by Kirk Ranney. The band’s maturity and talent are featured here in full. Their desire was to keep the tightness and band cohesiveness they maintain on the road and in public performances and to make this project a truly group effort. Trout Steak Revival wants this new free-form approach to attract listeners to join them on an exciting musical journey. (

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