The New Grass Revival, Vol. 6 No. 10

Reprinted from Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine
April 1972

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this group on Feb. 27 at Anderson, Ind. in the Coonhunters Club, a local building that is being used for bluegrass and country shows. Jim Clark presents the Country Jamboree each Sat. nite and John Keeney had arranged the show on Sunday that starred the New Grass Revival.

This group presents material ranging from the traditional favorite, “Little Bessie” to “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” in a pure bluegrass style. They choose much material from what would be termed “rock” or hard rock styles but do it in a fashion to make it very tasteful and interesting.

Some bluegrass lovers might be apprehensive about this group because of their personal appearance on stage. They do not conform to the dress alike image of most groups but wear everyday garb such as scarred boots and levis and T-shirts.

Clipping from the original magazine article

Ebo fronts for the group and plays a very solid bass fiddle. He sang only one note in one song on the show I saw and it was where and when it was supposed to be.

Courtney plays a very sound Scruggs style banjo and ventures deeply into what I call progressive banjo and fits it all together in a very good blend. He also sings in the trios.

Curtis handles most of the high parts in the part singing as well as occasional solos. His rhythm guitar work is flawless as is his lead and plays very tasteful dobro.

Sam Bush is beyond description. Sticking mainly to the mandolin he is an outstanding musician. When he moves to guitar, he plays beautiful rhythm and his lead style is very much the same style as the mandolin. When he picks up the fiddle, you just won’t believe it. His “Orange Blossom Special” is guaranteed to raise the hair on anybody’s head. He must be seen to be believed. In addition, he handles a large portion of the solos and sings in the trios.

In my opinion, this is the freshest sound in bluegrass today. Their first record session is forthcoming and I am ready to buy now. They make their homes in Louisville, Kentucky and play at the Storefront congregation when in town. Watch for them and see them when you are in Louisville or they are in your town. (Ebo Walker-3140 Doreen Way, Louisville, Kentucky 40220 (502) 459-9784. Sam Bush (502) 451-4391.)

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