The Next Mountain

Dark Shadow

DSR 202101

The is Rick Faris’ newest release on which he is joined as the core group by Laura Orshaw (fiddle), Russ Carson (banjo), and Zak McLamb (bass). While Faris plays guitar and sings lead, he is also joined on various cuts by Sam Bush (mandolin, vocal), Ronnie McCoury (mandolin, vocal), Jason Carter (fiddle, vocal), Rob McCoury (banjo), Justin Moses (banjo, vocal), Mike Bub (bass), Isaac Eicher (mandolin), and Todd Parks (bass).  Faris is also helped out on vocals by Jaelee Roberts, Dale Perry, and Eddie Faris. 

Many of the selections on this project were written by Faris himself, but he also includes collaborations with songwriters Rick Lang, Mark “Brink” Brinkman, and Becky Buller. Faris’ own songs include “Laurel Of The Mountains,” “I’m Asking You Today,” “TimeTo Move On,” “Tall Fall”, and “Dust On The Royal”. With Lang he co-wrote “What I’ve Learned,” “Hoot Owl Call,” “See You On The Other Side,” and “Evil Hearted You.” “Can’t Build A Bridge To Glory” was written with Buller and “Deep River” with Brinkman. 

Faris has a strong voice and this new effort is a pleasant addition to everyone’s collections.

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