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   There is a phrase used in a lot of places, and it fits in bluegrass music as well: “rolling out the big guns.” This could not be more truer than with the debut self-titled album from The Price Sisters. Not too many first efforts get backing from two of the best in the business, Mike Bub on bass and Charlie Cushman on banjo. Then add contributions from Dustin Benson and Ronnie McCoury on guitar and Alan Bartram on harmony vocals. Add to that, the project was recorded by Grammy-winning producer Bil VornDick.

Lest anyone think these sisters are “carried,” think again. Simply put, this CD will put the listener back on his or her ears. It comes right out of the gate with “Silver Tongue And Gold Plated Lies.” A red-hot version of the standard “Get Up John” blows smoke out of the CD player as it showcases Lauren’s fierce mandolin picking. Not to be outdone, fiddler Leanna takes a soulful turn on “It’s Happening Again” and “What Does The Deep Sea Say.”

The only complaint might be that there are just seven cuts on the album. The harmonies are beyond tight, and this has to be one of the best debut releases of 2016. Don’t miss out—it is dynamite. (Rebel Records, P.O. Box 7405, Charlottesville, VA 22906,

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