Dark Shadow Recording

For their third CD, The Rigneys have found a supportive home with producer Stephen Mougin’s Dark Shadow Recording. Mougin programmed eleven songs (five originals and six recently-written covers), ping-ponging among a diverse array of musical settings. At times, we’re presented with a propulsive stomper dominated by heavy, close-to-the-bridge guitar rhythm. That’s the title track. At other times, there’s a jaunty brother duet, “Low Down,” and the rockabilly number “Last Stop On The Line.” Those are countered by the Monroe mandolin licks and G-runs that color their song about being in a “Bluegrass Band.” Mixed in are a variety of softer, contemporary slow tunes, among them Becky Buller’s “Bridges,” Lisa Shaffer’s “For Every Valley,” and the most beautiful, intense track here, “Finally Going Home.”

Mougin can program such diversity of material because The Rigneys can handle it. Andrew Rigney gives them a strong, slightly tenor lead vocal that can put fire in the straight bluegrass of “Bluegrass Band,” but elsewhere, as on “Bridges,” can gently bend and fragment his lines in the modern R&B manner prevalent among contemporary singers of all genres. He also brings in guitar playing of a high order, and contributes four good originals and one truly excellent one, “Bring Him Home.” That one comes late in the recording and, with its theme of they also serve who wait at home, makes a nice lead to the positive message of the closing number “Sow A Little Love.”

His brother, Grant, continues to develop his mandolin skills and is equal to the challenges set for the band—for example, Andrew’s rapidly-shifting instrumental “Truck Rust And Tobacco Barns.” His lower-pitched lead vocals, similar to his father’s, also offer a nice contrast to his brother’s. Between the two and the fine work of Mark on banjo and Melissa on bass (and the nice production from Mougin), The Rigney’s have created a CD that should only heighten their status. (The Rigneys, 398 Hickory Ridge Ln., Normandy, TN 37630,

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