Fat Dog

In these times of coronavirus, Saharan dust, killer hornets, social unrest, and Lord knows what else, we can give thanks for silliness and the VW Boys. Tim White (banjo, five-string resonator banjo and jaw harp), Dave Vaught (guitar), and Fat Albert Blackburn (bass) bring their sense of humor, strong musicianship and expressive vocal abilities to a wealth of material in a time when we need more good, clean, fun.

The songs presented here range from Jerry Reed’s “South Bound And Down” to the 18th track, David Sevelle’s (remember The Chipmunks?) “Witch Doctor” from the 1950s. We are treated to tunes ranging from humorous ditties to uplifting and emotional songs to some interesting picking. They have scoured the best of (or at least best remembered by those of a certain age) pop music and old folk tunes and some underdone bluegrass to present quite an entertaining program. There are songs this reviewer has long forgotten, but recognized again within three to five notes.

The song list here is long, but let’s just say they cover everything from a Scott Joplin ragtime to Dion & The Belmonts to The Eagles and John Denver. As for bluegrass, there are two pieces from The Dillards—“Doug’s Tune” and “There Is A Time.” There are some guest pickers here. Eddie Bond shows up laying down old-time fiddle on “Good Old Mountain Dew.” Scott Freeman on mandolin and fiddle and Leon Frost on percussion appear where needed.

This is entertainment first and foremost. It demonstrates that these gentlemen have loads of talent and a varied taste that will more than likely appeal to those who aren’t purists, but do want to be entertained. Alas, it seems that their magic tricks are harder to record. (

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