Waiting Out The Storm

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A Louisiana native, Billy Droze now resides in Nashville where at the age of 35 he has become not only an award-winning songwriter but also an accomplished performer having toured extensively both here in the US and in Europe. His songs have been recorded by such artists as Shenandoah, Junior Sisk, Marty Raybon, The Grascals, and others. This new project is a 13-song collaboration with other writers such as Chris Myers, Wayne Burton, Jon Bowlin, Marija Droze, and Sonya Isaacs. 

     Droze is joined in the studio by supporting musicians that includes Jason Roller (fiddle, guitar, mandolin), Greg Martin (bass), and background vocals with Kalii Roller. Songs written with Chris Myers include “Small Town Mystery,” “Miss Me Anymore,” “Dreamer’s Melody,” “Night Birds,” “She’s Still Here,” and “How I Tell You Goodbye.” Droze’s other collaborations include title cut “Waiting Out The Storm” written with Wayne Burton, “Anywhere The Wind Might Blow” written with John Scott Sherrill, “Bring On The Wind” written with Karen Trainor, and “Here We Are” written with Jon Bowlin. “Pretending” is co-written with Droze’s wife Marija, Terry Herd, and Irene Kelly, and Droze teams up with Sonya Isaacs and Chris Myers for the closing Gospel “All You Gotta Do Is Listen,” and, Droze features his father Red Droze on “Woman Of My Life.” 

This is a very nice album of new music from Billy Droze. 

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