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Williamson Branch offers plenty of variety, but on their latest effort, it’s the fast-paced work that shines brightest. There is also a change to the lineup with the addition of Anthony Howell joining the family band on banjo. What has not changed is the vocals and harmony that are the usual hallmarks of successful family bands. On this album, each member of the clan gets a turn in the spotlight. Williamson Branch is made up of parents Kevin (guitar) and Debbie (mandolin) and sisters Kadence (guitar), Melody (fiddle), and Caroline (mandolin), in addition to newcomer Howell.

“Blue Moon Over Texas” is already getting airplay and should be a bonafide hit. “Gonna Ride Up In The Chariot” is a foot stomper, and “Mindy Mae” has a catchy lilt and some unique elements. Youngest sister Caroline threatens to steal the show with “Hey, Mr. Right,” and the traditional nod is there with “With Body And Soul.” There is much to like and plenty of toe-tapping to be had on this effort which is solid from top to bottom. This family band will be better known as this album gets the recognition coming from bluegrass fans. (www.williamsonbranch.com).MKB

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