No Label
No Number

This is Wood Belly’s debut project of original material from Aaron McCloskey (banjo), Chris Weist (mandolin), Craig Patterson (guitar), Taylor Shuck (bass), and Chris Zink (resonator guitar). The band was recognized in June 2018 at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival band contest with an award shortly after this release and have been selected to perform next year on the main stage at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

Since forming in 2016, the band has worked hard at creating their sound. Selections include Patterson’s “Solid Ground,” “Through And Through,” “Blue Label,” and “Keep On Lovin’ Me.” Weist offers “Georgia Wind,” “Jamestown,” “Wings,” “Rough And Tumblin,” “Colorado Hipster Beard.” From Zink comes “Elkhorn Creek.” McCloskey offers “The Eleventh Hour,” and Shuck wrote “Skinny Dip.”

With such a strong song selection, the band has been getting much regional attention and raising eyebrows in other parts of the country. They are also getting airplay to helped spread the word. With good songs and good talent, this band should be on its way. (www.woodbellymusic.com)BF

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