This Mid-Western group is led by Joe Macheret (guitar, banjo, fiddle, percussion), who is also the songwriter of all the material except “Midnight On The Ohio,” co-written with Joe Wunderle (piano, harmonica). Macheret is also ioined by Andrew McPheters (banjo), June Youngblood (bass), Scott Risner (mandolin), Stephen “Tebbs” Karney (pedal steel guitar, resonator guitar), John K Victor (harmonica), Sean Geil (banjo), and Chris Novy (drums). The project starts with a “Preamble” instrumental, followed by “Winter Waltz” which is not a waltz but an up-tempo song, however, the next song “Midnight On The Ohio” is a waltz. 

There are songs of relationships such as the odd named “Gas Station Sushi,” along with “Still and Silence,” the real “Waltz For Lucille,” and the tribute “Smilin’ At Nothin’ (For Paul).” Instrumentally the group puts out the “Grease Fire” and runs with “Pappy Hondo.” The project ends with Macheret’s “Thank You.” 

The CD package lists the song lyrics on the inside but the contrast between the lettering and the dark background makes them difficult to read. Musically this is a good group that effectively back the songs and Macheret’s lead vocals. Stop by Joe’s Truck Stop and enjoy the visit. 


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