March 2021

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Tony Rice

A brilliant guitarist, vocalist, and creator of life songs who inspired a generation In the summer of 2003, at the second Floydfest, the most anticipated headlining act on the bill was a special reunion of the David Grisman Quintet. Featuring Grisman, Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Jim Kerwin and Tony Rice, it was the one show… Read the full article

The Tradition

Notes & Queries – March

NOTES “In the December 2020 issue, you answered a query about the song ‘Mountain Laurel.’  One recent version is by Open Road on their Rounder album …In the Life.  They credit the Bailey Brothers as the source for their version.”  Stewart Evans, Santa Cruz, CA “Dick Spottswood is right, the song (‘The Martins and Coys’)… Read the full article

Tony Rice Interview with Pete Wernick

September 14th, 1985 Editor’s Note:  This article is a transcription of a conversation between Pete Wernick and Tony Rice recorded in 1985—a transitional period in Tony Rice’s career. We thank Pete Wernick for providing us with the transcript and this unique glimpse into Tony Rice’s life at that point in time. PW:  …on the road… Read the full article

Tony Rice & The Grisman Years

During a video interview with Bryan Sutton, which was broadcast online shortly after Tony Rice’s passing, Blue Highway guitarist—and Tony Rice biographer—Tim Stafford pointed to three “schools” of Tony Rice’s development as a guitar player. The first occurred during Tony’s early years, when he was greatly influenced by Clarence White. The second was when he… Read the full article

The Artists

Bronwyn Keith-Hynes

Proving Bluegrass is Alive and Well Photos by Jake’s Visuals Shortly after I accepted the job as the managing editor of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine, I received an email from a subscriber expressing his concern about the state of bluegrass music. His contention was, “Bluegrass is dead. Young people just aren’t interested in it anymore.” With… Read the full article

Wes Corbett

Pushing the Envelope Photos by Kaitlyn Raitz Growing up on Bainbridge Island, Washington, just west of Seattle, 5-string wizard Wes Corbett had heard bluegrass-style banjo on the radio, most memorably via the Car Talk theme. It didn’t immediately call out to the young, classically-trained pianist. Nor did the vocal strains of the high lonesome sound…. Read the full article

The Sound

For Luthier Lawrence Smart, X Marks His Spot

Photo by Bud Osborne Maybe it’s something in the Pacific Northwest’s air or water, or perhaps it’s being surrounded by the grand mountain forests of Idaho and the Pacific Coast that inspires brilliant luthiery. But whatever it is, that majestic region has spawned some of the world’s finest woodsmiths, including mandolin masters Michael Heiden, Fletcher… Read the full article

The Venu