3: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Nate Lee

Our podcast interview today features Nate Lee.  Nate is a graduate of South Plains College in Levelland, Texas, where he studied with Alan Munde and Joe Carr.  While still in college he performed with The Hard Road Trio and the Alan Munde Gazette.  Since moving to Nashville in 2006, Nate has performed with the Jim Hurst Trio and is currently with The Becky Buller Band.  In 2015 Nate was the winner of the IBMA’s Momentum Award in the Instrumentalist of the Year category.  We are going to talk with Nate about his time at South Plains College, his involvement with the aforementioned bands, and his instructional material.    Additionally, you will hear a couple of cuts off of Nate’s solo CD, “Wings of Jetliner,” which was released earlier this year (2020).

2: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Ned Luberecki

This episode of the Bluegrass Unlimited podcast features banjo player Ned Luberecki.  Ned, who was the 2018 IBMA banjo player of the year,  has a long history in bluegrass music having played banjo with the Rarley Herd, Larry Cordell and Lonesome Standard Time, Gary Ferguson Band, Radio Flyer, Paul Adkins and the Boderline Band, and Chris Jones and the Night Drivers.  Ned is currently the banjo player for the Becky Buller Band.  Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine Editor Dan Miller talks with Ned about his role in Becky’s band as well as his Sirius XM radio shows, his collaborations with Stephen Mougin, his solo recording, Take Five, and his banjo lessons and instructional material.  We hope you enjoy the Ned Luberecki podcast.

1: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Dan Boner

This episode of the Bluegrass Unlimited podcast features Dan Boner.  Dan is the director of the East Tennessee State University Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Country Music Program.  When Dan is not busy with his college duties he is also a touring member of the Becky Buller Band.  BU editor Dan Miller talks to Dan Boner about the ETSU program, the Becky Buller Band, and his additional side job of repairing vintage amplifiers.  You will also hear a couple of cuts off of Dan’s latest solo CD “West of West Virginia.”  Please enjoy the Dan Boner Podcast.