47: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Akira Otsuka

This week’s podcast features Akira Otsuka, the mandolin player for the Japanese bluegrass band Bluegrass 45.  Last week we completed a sixteen article website series about Bluegrass 45’s 1971 tour of the United States.  Today we talk to Akira briefly about that tour, but then go on to discuss what he and the other band members have been doing since that historic tour fifty years ago.

45: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Ken Hooper

This week we feature Ken Hooper of Hooper Guitars.  Our September 2021 issue features an article about Zack Arnold, Rhonda Vincent’s new guitar player, and Zack is just one of the guitar players in bluegrass who plays a Hooper guitar.  You will hear Ken talk about all aspects of his guitar building process as well as the models and custom features that he offers.

44: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Mark Freeman

This week we feature Mark Freeman of Rebel Records.  Mark talks about Rebel’s long history in bluegrass music starting with his father Dave’s involvement with County Records and County Sales dating back to the mid-1960s.  We also talk about some of the new artists Rebel is working with today.  Plus, you will get to hear several cuts from some of Rebels new releases.

42: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Missy Raines

This week’s podcast features Missy Raines the nine-time IBMA “Bass Player of the Year.”  We talk with Missy about her background in bluegrass music, her recording, songwriting, producing, and her role as a band leader.  We will also talk about her new band Missy Raines and Allegheny and you will hear a couple of cuts off of her Grammy-nominated CD Royal Traveller.

40: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Jerry Salley

This week our podcast features Jerry Salley.  Jerry has a long history as an award-winning songwriter in bluegrass, country, and gospel music.  He is also a record producer and one of the founders of Billy Blue Records.  Additionally, he is a talented performing and recording artist.  We will be talking with Jerry Salley about his songwriting, his work at Billy Blue Records, and his new album.

38: Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine Byron Berline Podcast

This podcast is a special podcast that we are adding this week because the legendary bluegrass fiddler Byron Berline passed away a couple of weeks ago.  After Byron’s passing a radio host from Kansas, Orin Friesen sent us an interview that he conducted with Byron at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, in 1981.  In this podcast you will hear Byron talk about his pre-1981 life in bluegrass music.

37: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Jack Tottle

This week’s podcast features longtime bluegrass writer, educator, performer, and recording artist Jack Tottle.  Today we talk with Jack about his early life in bluegrass, his work founding the bluegrass music program at ETSU and some of the things that keep him busy these days, including the new CD release that features material he and Tim Stafford recorded in the late 1980s.