Chasin’ After the Wind

Daisy Caire

It’s inspiring and heartwarming to encounter a young emerging talent like Northern Californian Daisy Caire. This 16-year-old is not just an enchanting singer and songwriter; she’s a fine fiddle player and guitar flatpicker to boot.

Caire possesses a lovely sense of innocence and playfulness that’s simply irresistible. It comes through clearly in both her vocal mannerisms and her original songs. Just check out her videos on YouTube and her Facebook page and you’ll see what I mean.

Caire started out at age 6 in her family’s Eldorado Family Band and has been a rising star in California’s vital bluegrass scene ever since.

Produced by Laurie Lewis, Chasin’ After the Wind highlights not just Caire’s musical prowess, but also her songwriting, which exhibits accomplishment and wisdom well beyond her years.

Caire wrote seven of these 13 selections, and they range from Celtic-flavored, old-timey fiddle odes (“Wedding Dress”) to sophisticated and soulful story songs like “Hello Granny” and the stunning title tune. Added to the mix is a plaintive and tender rendition of the Billy Joe Shaver-penned Waylon Jennings hit, “You Asked Me To.”

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say: this kid is the real deal.

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