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Dailey & Vincent’s new 15-song album has a pièce de résistance feel to it. It’s ambitious, soulful, muscular, and infused with melodic and vocal brilliance, along with a delightful stylistic diversity. On Patriots & Poets, this illustrious duo, besides producing, has also taken on a more aggressive role in writing their own material, with assists from songwriting stalwarts such as Bill Anderson, Karen Staley, and Jimmy Fortune.

Additionally, they have sought and received inspired vocal and instrumental assists from a distinguished guest list, including Taranda Greene, Doyle Lawson, Steve Martin, Dave Rawlings, Bryan Sutton, and Bela Fleck. More importantly, they have done a fantastic job of plugging them in as utility players at just the right places.

Pure magic shines through on stellar cuts such as “California,” which features soaring pop-flavored harmonies, and the powerfully inspirational “Beautiful Scars.” Ditto for the somber disaster ballad “Here Comes The Flood.” And on the exhilarating closing cut, “America We Love You,” Dailey & Vincent, with vocal assists from Aaron McCune and Jeff Parker, sound like nothing less than the second coming of the great Statler Brothers.

All in all, Patriots & Poets is a fitting milestone in D&V’s celebrated decade-long career, which includes a recent induction into Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. (www.daileyandvincent.com)BA

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