Hadley Music Group
HMG 1012

This new release from Donna is a tribute to some of her roots and influences she experienced as she grew up and developed her own career.

In the opening cut, “Showing My Roots,” Donna gets a chance to salute some of the many writers and singers who are her heroes. She then launches into a blistering version of Rodney Crowell’s “One Way Rider.” Next up is a duet with Sam Bush on the chain-gang classic “Take This Hammer,” followed by Carter Stanley’s “How Mountain Girls Can Love” (Donna’s husband Rick Stanley is a cousin of the Stanley clan). Another Stanley classic is “If That’s The Way You Feel” slowed down and beautifully delivered. Then comes Loretta Lynn’s fast-paced “Fist City” and Dolly Parton’s “In The Good Old Days When Times Were Bad.” Another Loretta Lynn hit is “Somebody Somewhere (Don’t Know What He’s Missing Tonight),” along with a Tammy Wynette gem “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad.” Back to the Stanley songbook with a funky-flavored “I Hope You Have Learned” and then again slowing it down with Hank Locklin’s “Send Me The Pillow You Dream On.” On the gospel side is “Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus” and the project closes with an original from Donna, “I’ve Always Had A Song I Could Lean On.” Donna has gathered a solid group of musicians to help on this project, including Bryan Sutton (guitar), Rob Ickes (resonator guitar), Andy Leftwich (mandolin, fiddle), Viktor Krauss (bass), Scott Vestal (banjo), and Byron House (bass). Backup singers are many including Fayssoux McLean, Larry Cordle, Carl Jackson, Jerry Salley, Frank Solivan, Larry Stephenson, John Cowan, and husband Rick Stanley.

Donna’s clear voice rings out front on each selection, and she is backed by tight harmonies and wonderful instrumental arrangements. Co-produced by Bryan Sutton, Donna is a twice-nominated IBMA Songwriter and this ‘cover’ project shows where her roots and talents come from. (Hadley Music Group, 11 Music Circle S., Nashville, TN 37203,

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