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SF 003

Harder and harder it becomes to pin down a genre in which some bands belong. FY5 is one such band. The opening track, “She Wants To Eat The Moon,” starts with lightly strummed guitar and pensive Joni Mitchell/Judy Collins qualities. That gives way to a building rhythm, increasing speed, and a dreamy melody that is often insistent, but reverts to fluid, softer lines around the title phrase. “Desert Bluebell” starts as uptempo bluegrass with banjo lead, but adds a contemporary melody; part folk, part pop. Halfway through comes an instrumental interlude that pulses along over an off-kilter rhythm before returning to the opening form. Then there’s the honky-tonk, ragtime “Back Door” about a guy pleading with his girl to bring their relationship out in the open. Those three are guitarist/vocalist Mike Finnders’ compositions. The rest of his seven originals, including the banjo-driven atmospherics of “St. Vrain” and the rockabilly “Mama’s Cookin’,” draw on many different influences and take the listener in many directions. So does Erin Youngberg’s swingy ode to the joys of freedom on “The Day Is Wide Open.”

Fortunately, we have the catchall term “Americana.” It’s not a specific designation, but it does give you a heads up that you’re liable to hear a number of styles and blends. I don’t think FY5 would dispute that label. Fortunately, we also have the catchall term “good music,” and this recording falls in that category as well. It’s certainly true of “Back Door,” “The Day Is Wide Open,” the swing country of “After Tonight,” the slow country of “Watch Out For The Blues,” “St. Vrain,” and “Mama’s Cookin’.” Hard to pin down, maybe, but well-played, well-sung, nicely-arranged, and entertaining. (www.finndersandyoungberg.com)BW

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