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The cover of this CD is a parody of a Field & Streammagazine proclaiming Field & Strings. A banjo toting Heath Loy is in full camo as if going hunting, while looking upward clutching a passel of ducks. He actually did hunt down or had someone else hunt down a virtual A-list of bluegrass pickers and singers. Don Rigsby, Jim Lauderdale, Larry Cordle, Ronnie Bowman, Shawn Camp, and more lend their vocals. The pickers include Clay Hess, Tim Crouch, Randy Kohrs, and Josh Williams to name a few.

Loy’s wife, Becky Schlegel, is here singing her song “Tall Rocky Pines.” She wrote or co-wrote four of the ten songs here. The title-track is a Loy original featuring Josh Williams on mandolin and guitar. The songs run the gamut of old country favorites, from “Girl On The Billboard” to the Harley Allen and Schlegel number “Top Ten List” which provides a quiet exit for an otherwise boisterous, if not at times rowdy and fun project. The songs are all very good with a strong country flavor, and the handpicked singers do them justice.

Loy’s banjo playing is tasteful and spot-on throughout the project. He knows what to do and when to do it. This is fine bluegrass well worth your attention if you’re looking for mainstream bluegrass performed with heart and soul. And, as it proclaims on the CD cover: “It ain’t bad if you like music.” (heathloy.hearnow.com)RCB

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