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This new release from Larry Stephenson and the Band is a retrospective of live performances featuring some of the band’s configurations from over the years. While culling through these recordings, Stephenson felt this collection covered the folks he was lucky enough to have performed with. The songs were selected from shows at seven different venues and cover a span of years from 1999 thru 2020.     

The project begins with a show in 2007 at the Penny Royal Opera House in Fairview, Ohio. Country star Jean Shepard introduces Larry and the band kicks of with “Country Side of Heaven” with Kristin Scott Benson, Dustin Benson, Kyle Perkins and Jason Barie. Another song from that set is “The Sound (That Set My Soul On Fire).”     

In 2019, the band is found at Starvy Creek in Conway, Missouri with four selections “I Should’ve Called,” “Patches,” “Yes, I See God,” and “On The Wings Of An Angel.” In the band for these shows are Derek Vaden, Nick Dauphinais, and Eddie Faris. Also in 2019, the band is heard at the World-Famous Station Inn in Nashville, TN performing “The Seashore of Old Mexico.” Another Station Inn show is from 2020 with the song “Restless Blue Eyed Lover,” with Matt Wright replacing Eddie Faris on bass.      

Going back to 1999 finds the group at the A&A Thanksgiving Bluegrass Fest in Myrtle Beach, SC, with an introduction by Mickey Harris and the song “Many Hills of Time.” In the band was Kristin Scott Benson, Brian Blaylock, and Mickey Harris. In 2010 the show was at Bill’s Music Shop in Columbia, SC performing “Rock of Ages.” The band was Kenny Ingram, Kevin Richardson, and Danny Stewart.      

Moving to 2014 we hear “The Blues Don’t Care Who’s Got ‘Em” at the Podunk Bluegrass Fest in Hebron, CT, with Kenny Ingram, Colby Laney and Matt Wright. 2012 found the band performing at the IBMA World Of Bluegrass in Nashville, TN with “Before I’m Over You” and “God Will.” The band for this show had Kenny Ingram, Colby Laney and Danny Stewart.      

Closing out the project is a quick outro again by Jean Shepard. Of course, Stephenson fronted each show on vocals and mandolin. He has done a good job selecting shows and songs that feature his ability to attract many talented artists to perform in his bands. Larry’s fans will certainly want this a part of their collection and hopefully this will bring new fans to Larry’s music.

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